Aquarelle by Surbhi

Discover the beauty of nature through my vibrant floral watercolor art. As a dedicated floral watercolor artist, I express the wonders of botanicals with vivid strokes. Explore my online art gallery, and don’t forget to check out my shop where you can find products adorned with my unique floral art. If you’re seeking templates, explore my collection of ebooks, filled with beautiful designs but presented succinctly. Consider joining a painting lesson to enhance your creative journey. Welcome to the world of floral watercolor beauty!

I'm Surbhi!

I’ve been obsessed with art from a very young age, and now I want to help you learn and enjoy easy flower painting for yourself. Here, you can learn to paint and purchase my work for your home! I am an Indian watercolour artist based in the UK. I first started painting with watercolours almost two decades ago in school. But gave it up as I found the medium very difficult to work with. I picked it up again recently and haven’t looked back ever since.

Learn with Surbhi

Even if you’ve never touched a brush before, you are an artist! With Surbhi, anyone who wants to learn can enjoy the rewarding, relaxing, and enjoyable peace that comes with painting flower art. We’ll help you find worlds of meaning and depth at the end of your brush, even if you do not have any prior experience. From watercolor flowers for beginners to advanced watercolor lessons, I offer classes and lessons for every skill level. Get started today!

Surbhi's Crafted Collection

Explore my collection of original watercolor artworks and beautifully crafted stationery, each adorned with captivating watercolor artwork inspired by the vibrant colors and beauty of the natural world.


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