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Hi there! I’m Surbhi, and I’m passionate about bringing the beauty of life to life through vibrant watercolor illustrations. Dive into my original artworks, beautifully crafted paper goods, and immersive watercolor lessons to awaken your creativity and enhance your artistic path. My art blends rich colors and intricate details to capture the essence of nature and daily experiences from a unique angle. It’s a journey into beauty and emotion, perfect for any space or art lover’s collection.

Hi! I'm Surbhi!

I’ve been obsessed with art from a very young age, and now I want to help you learn and enjoy easy flower painting for yourself. Here, you can learn to paint and purchase my work for your home! I am an Indian watercolour artist based in the UK. I first started painting with watercolours almost two decades ago in school. But gave it up as I found the medium very difficult to work with. I picked it up again recently and haven’t looked back ever since.

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